Our tried and true recipe for people-powered AI

We are a team of innovators, at the forefront of technical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques. From research to prototype, from business validations to new product launch: Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

At Slimmer Labs, we create, build, and scale people-powered B2B AI solutions. We achieve this by leveraging both our past and our present:

  •  Significant experience in deploying AI solutions
  • An extensive network of successful entrepreneurs
  • And a talented team of in-house innovators with a passion for product development.

Slimmer Labs: Our innovation and venture studio

For over 10 years, Slimmer has worked with dozens of industry leaders to realise the potential of AI in their business processes; jointly developing solutions based on our proven AI modules and full-stack software development capability.

Our solutions leverage some of our greatest strengths in machine learning applications on text (NLP), time-series and imaging to develop applied-AI software solutions which help people do more meaningful work, take more informed decisions, and optimise workflows.

AI can do a lot - but it works best when humans are there to hold its hand.

- The Economist, June 2020

Jean-Paul van Oosten

Head of Innovation


Advanced techniques and capabilities to power professionals forward

Optimise decision making

Make connections

Improve outcomes

While humans are often good at seeing similarities, large and complex datasets are impossible for us to handle without the support of machines.

Accurate predictions can be incredibly challenging because of complex systems, real-time environments, and too many other variables.

Research shows that humans struggle with repetitive tasks. Professionals make up to 40% errors due to repetition fatigue.


AI success story

One of the world’s largest scientific information companies partnered with us to help them on their mission to improve the dissemination of research information

Using Advanced ML techniques, we have developed a solution that: 

  • Ingests data from multiple sources, combing structured and unstructured data from partially overlapping sources to the get the most complete view
  • Deduplicates and disambiguates 100,000,000 entities and 300,000,000 relationships – continuously optimising 5 quadrillion possible matches
  • Recommends a specific entity (matched ranking) with precision of 0.976 and recall of 0.982

Your trusted venture partner in AI innovation

We have a long and successful history of applied AI for the betterment of businesses and people, resulting in over 100+ successful AI projects. And we're taking this lab-to-impact approach to the next level.

In our innovation centre Slimmer Labs, we are partnering with visionary leaders, helping them to realise the potential of AI in their business.

The result? Co-developed applied-AI software solutions to help people do more meaningful work, take more informed decisions, and optimise workflows by eliminating time spent on repetitive tasks.

Our successful partnerships

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Elianne Pop

Applied AI Specialist


Evan van der Holst

Applied AI Specialist